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Book Launch: March 2016

"The photographs are beautiful, but to me what makes the book is your narrative regarding each kitchen project and your thought process for each decision made. It is evident that you were focused on creating "what the client wanted" in the end, even if it made approaching the task from a different angle, thereby exceeding everyone's expectations."




"What a fantastic surprise we received today. Your book is simply gorgeous and so informative. It is an amazing opus. I look forward to Volume Two!"


"I have had chance to go through the book today and it is just wonderful- photography, paper quality and text. It is one of those books that I will pick up over and over to escape in. "



"It is really refreshing to see someone who can manage the day to day and still find time to develop and grow."



"Your warm personality, exquisite taste and design expertise is so apparent throughout the project descriptions. And I love the artistic approach you took in the layout of the book. Just beautiful. I know the book will be a huge success. "



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